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We Had No Idea Why She Was Boiling Popsicle Sticks. But After Seeing Why? I Need To Do THIS!

22 Apr , 2016   Video

Here’s some super cool crafts to do with popsicle sticks. The kids will love them!

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This Unusual Method for Closing a Chip Bag is Nothing Short Of Brilliant

11 Apr , 2016   Video

This method for resealing chip bags or any other plastic bags is so effective. Watch and learn from The Crazy Russian Hacker in the video above. Enjoy! SHARE with FRIENDS and FAMILY!


Bake Sale Controversy Ends in Death and Rape Threats

7 Apr , 2016  

A group of women students at theUniversity of Queensland in Australia decided to explore gender disparity with some tongue-in-cheek humor in the form of a Gender Pay Gap Bake Sale on Tuesday to celebrate Feminist Week. The response? Rape and death threats. “Each baked good will only cost you the proportion out of $1.00 that you […]


I Used To Fold My Socks Like Everyone Else, But Then I Learned This Ingenious Trick?

5 Apr , 2016   Video

Never lose another sock again …. never!


WARNING: She Got Back To Her Room And Noticed A New Hook On Her Door… Scary!

5 Apr , 2016   Video

Video monitoring and CCTV cameras are part of everyday life now.  But what if you were being recorded in your personal space without any knowledge of it? One female engineer working on an oil rig is claiming that a new addition to her room on board was in fact a recording device. While in her […]


Man Finds Cheaper Clearance Prices At Walmart After He Peels Off Top Sticker

30 Mar , 2016  

If you’re not aware of the site Reddit, it’s a place that people typically post humorous photos and memes. Once in a while it gets more than entertaining. Eye-opening! Check out these photos that Reddit user SillyPickle posted. They show the clearance aisle of SillyPickle’s local Walmart store, but the items aren’t exactly priced like “clearance.” SillyPickle […]


She Locked Herself Out Of Her Car, So She Put A Tennis Ball Over The Keyhole. GENIUS!

13 Feb , 2016   Video

Have you ever had that terrible feeling in your gut the moment you realize you’ve locked yourself out of your car with he keys still in the ignition? This trick will solve all your problems the next time it happens! SHARE the Love! SHARE the Tip!


8 Mind-Blowing Infographics Every Parent Must See

1 Feb , 2016  



CIA Agent Demonstrates How To Break Your Hands Free If You Are Kidnapped And Bound With Duct Tape

1 Feb , 2016   Video

Former CIA agent Jason Hanson demonstrates how to free yourself if you’re ever bound with duct tape! Now, I hope you never need this skill but as the Boy Scouts say, “Be Prepared!” If this can save just one life, it’s worth sharing. SHARE the story! Spread the love!


A Brief History of Women’s Underwear

31 Jan , 2016   Video

Underwear takes the stage in this talk by H. Kristina Haugland, associate curator of Costume and Textiles at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The history of feminine undergarments—corsets and drawers, bustles and brassieres, stockings and shoulder pads—reflects changing ideals of women’s figures and societal roles, and reveals that ideas of beauty, hygiene, modesty and respectability […]