Circular Fashion: A Supply Chain for Sustainability in the Textile and Apparel Industry

Circular Fashion

This is a textbook for every fashion designer. If you want to ensure that your products look as good for the Earth as they do on your models, then you need to think about circular fashion.

Circular fashion is the concept of “cradle to grave” sustainability for clothing, the antithesis of “fast fashion” and it’s easier than you might think to achieve.

Why We Love Circular Fashion

Peggy Blum’s book is a textbook and that’s no bad thing. In it she lays out methodically the basic principles of circular fashion – what it is and how it can work.

And then she illustrates every point with real world case studies drawn from sources as diverse as Patagonia and Stella McCartney.

She builds an effective case for the circular supply chain that everyone should understand so that they can demand that their fashion vendors get on board with it. Let’s put an end to fast fashion.

This book should be mandatory reading for all fashion designers at college and if you have any interest in fashion at all, you should consider reading it. It may be a textbook but the case it makes for circular fashion is compelling and believable. 

You can grab a copy of The Nature of Nature online here.