12 Clean Beauty Influencers to Follow In 2023

Do you want to improve your beauty routine and make it kinder on the planet at the same time?

Stuck for ideas and inspiration on how to get it done?

Well, we think we’ve found the help that you’ve been looking for. Listen up!

The clean beauty industry is truly transforming the world. While some dispute all the claims made by the industry, almost everyone agrees that clean beauty’s a better idea than using traditional beauty products.

These clean beauty influencers to follow have made clean beauty truly their own and they want to share it with us. We’re listening!

Sara Rosie

Sara left New York when she became obsessed with “conscious beauty”.

Now, she dedicates her time to promoting products that are clean, safe and completely non-toxic. That’s clean beauty to a T.

Her beauty product reviews are unmissable and she knows more about the clean beauty industry than most of us will ever forget.

We think she’d like our best vegan foundations brands.

Check her out on Instagram here.

New York

Tricia left Singapore to head to New York where she writes for NiHaoNewYork, a publication that she founded.This is a fabulous example of her people can build their own clean beauty brands.

It’s all about green beauty, ethical fashion and sustainable travel. Her insight into clean beauty products is invaluable. (You can find some awesome sustainable fashion blogs here too).

We like a lifestyle blog and this one delivers wellness tips, skin care ideas, clean food concepts and so much more!

Check her out on Instagram here.


Autumn Love is a serious photography talent and if you like your clean beauty products to be expertly showcased, follow her on Instagram.

She’s awesome! She’s also an advocate for cruelty-free beauty and natural skincare as well as non-toxic products.

Check her out on Instagram here.


Kackie is a YouTuber as well as a clean beauty Instagrammer and she’s a huge fan of kind and clean makeup products.

She brings a lot of personality to the cause and is a delight to follow. We love her clean beauty YouTube channel and we love to see her images too.

We like to think she’d enjoy our best natural beauty blogs too.

Check her out on Instagram here.

Miss Zophie

Clean beauty products are, of course, an internationally celebrated commodity.

Miss Zophie is a German make up artist that rediscovered her passion for her art when she discovered clean and kind makeup.

Check her out on Instagram here.


Lindsay is one of the most glamorous influencers out there promoting organic beauty products and she really brings out the styles that we wish we could emulate.

Check her out, don’t miss out.

Check her out on Instagram here.


Molly’s a huge fan of organic beauty as well as natural baby and child life in a non-toxic home.

Molly’s one of the classiest beauty blogger/ Instagrammers and her work has a massive appeal.

Check her out on Instagram here.


Never afraid to do something different and engaging.

Lisa’s one of the natural beauty bloggers everyone should follow in order to stay ahead of the curve.

Check her out on Instagram here.


We head over the border to find the delightful Gabby promoting the joys of natural beauty routines to our Canadian cousins.

She’s so good that she should be a household name in the USA too.

Check her out on Instagram here.


Jessica left South Florida for Kansas City and now she dedicates her life to her passions of wellness, fitness and clean beauty!

Jessica has a particular interest in skincare and we think she’d love our round up of organic skincare and natural skincare products to be honest.

Check her out on Instagram here.


Madisen made the move to clean beauty back in 2018 and she’s never looked back.

She says that you simply look and feel better in green products.

Check her out on Instagram here.


We close with a final international influencer this time from Italy.

Annamaria’s been a big fan of natural products for the last 7 years and loves to share her passion on the subject.

Check her out on Instagram here.

Last Word on Clean Beauty Influencers

We believe it’s best to be ethical and kind to the planet. We hope that our picks for this list of our fave clean beauty influencers to follow have inspired you to make a change in your beauty routine.

If so, you might also like our articles on the best natural organic lipsticks and the best natural organic anti-wrinkle creams too. We also have a great round-up of the best clean beauty makeup brands here.

This is the cutting edge of the clean beauty movement and there’s something for nearly every budget included too! You don’t have to spend a fortune to be kind to the planet.