The Clean Beauty Podcasts You Need To Listen To Now, Like Today

We absolutely love clean beauty brands and products here at Whole People.

Skin health and care is taken seriously and our experts are always up to date on the latest developments.

We do, however, know it can be difficult to work out which brands are really clean and which brands are just trying hard… or worse, which brands are cleanwashing!

Fortunately, if you start listening to any of our recommended clean beauty podcasts their hosts will quickly start to demystify things for you. 

We love them and we think that you will too. Enjoy!

Cassandra McClure

The biggest name in clean beauty podcasts is, probably, Cassandra McClure.

That’s because Cassandra is a makeup expert to the stars and her podcast’s past guests read like a who’s who of the beauty industry. 

Each episode is beautifully produced and hosts a range of personalities from around the clean beauty scene. 

cassandra mclure

Fat Mascara

The hosts Jennifer Goldstein and Jessica Maitlin of Fat Mascara are super witty and clever and their insights are what makes this podcast truly golden.

Not every episode is completely focused on clean beauty but most contain a large segment of clean beauty industry insight and that’s why Fat Mascara made our list.

fat mascara

Natch Beaut

If you want your podcasts to make you roar with laughter while they dissect the subject matter before them then Jackie Johnson’s Natch Beaut is for you.

She’s a vegan comedian who absolutely adores the world of clean beauty and her episodes are full of celebrities, experts and superb products and tips on their use. 


Green Beauty Conversations

Formula Botanica’s Green Beauty Conversations encompasses more than clean beauty and it looks at natural beauty too.

The hosts, Gemma and Lorraine, are brilliant at identifying emerging trends in the market and for keeping our beauty regime one step ahead of everyone else’s. 

green beauty conversations

Breaking Beauty

Instead of looking from the outside in, Jill Dunn and Carlene Higgins’ Breaking Beauty goes inside the industry and gives you the full story of how brands and products came into being.

Their podcast is full of guests from clean beauty brands that talk you through the why that underpins the clean beauty movement, it’s unmissable. 

breaking beauty

Forever 35

This is a clean beauty podcast with a definite focus on skincare and it’s run by Kate Spencer and Doree Shafir. 

If you want someone to turn clean beauty into regular people talk, then Forever 35 is the way to go. 

forever 35


This is a more generalist green podcast which features heavy slices of clean beauty. 

You’ll want to scan Mindbodygreen’s playlist and select episodes according to your tastes. 

If you’re looking for more clean beauty tips, you may also want to check out these amazing clean beauty influencers.