Clean Book On The New Science of Skin & The Beauty Of Doing Less

According to The Smithsonian, Clean was one of the best science books of 2020.

Those are some impressive accolades, but what made it one of their favorite reads of the year?

It’s a straightforward but eloquent deep dive into the science of skin and how to care for it.

It’s simple, clean beauty explored. Great book!

clean skin science

“A searching and vital explication of germ theory, social norms, and what the modern era is really doing to our bodies and our psyches.”

Vanity Fair

Cutting Through The Noise

The author, James Hamblin, is a preventative medicine physician and that means he knows his stuff when it comes to skincare.

He cuts through all the noise and drills down to what really works and what’s just industry hype and he makes it easy to understand.

He also brings in a wide-range of other viewpoints to illustrate what he means, from dermatologists to the Amish, everyone gets a moment in the spotlight.

Fascinating And Invaluable

If you want to take better care of yourself and your skin, then you need to read Clean: The New Science of Skin, it’s the ultimate handbook to staying clean and feeling great all of the time.

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And it’s a great read too. You can pick up a copy at the Book Depository.