Cleancult Household Cleaners Are Planet-Friendly

If there’s one thing that we’ve learned over the years, it’s that cleanliness is next to godliness.

The trouble is that we’re not sure that a god of the earth would be terribly pleased with the cleaning products that many of us use.

Everything from detergents to oven cleaner can pollute our environment as it keeps our home shiny and that doesn’t feel very clean to us.

That’s where Cleancult comes in.

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Cleaning Up Cleaning

Cleancult’s mission is to make the cleaning product industry as clean as their products leave our homes and lives.

They want to ensure that everything we use on our homes is additive free, chemical free and as natural as possible.

There’s no good reason that our cleaning routine shouldn’t be kind to the planet, it’s just decades of tradition that leaves us with products that are full of pollutants.

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Clean Packaging Too

Their packaging is good for the environment too.

They work by supplying refillable glass bottles for each product, that makes them a little more expensive in the first instance.

However, in the long run this saves a small fortune as they can then supply the refills in recyclable milk carton form.

These are much cheaper than buying products in wasteful plastic and very easy to pour into the glass bottles.

An Easier Home Cleaning Routine

One thing we love about Cleancult is that they’re happy to help your cleaning routine.

You specify what products you want and the intervals on which you want refills and then they send them as you need them – no shopping stress, it’s your chores on automation!

the clean cult

Last Word on Cleancult

Everyone should switch to Cleancult products, they’re the way to keep the planet as clean as our homes.

If you like eco-friendly products can we recommend checking out Blueland’s products. We think you’ll like them too.

Also, don’t miss our picks for the 9 favorite natural organic cleaning products here.

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