Clothing Poverty: The Hidden World of Fast Fashion and Second-hand Clothes

One of the biggest challenges in modern life is knowing where the things we buy come from and where they go when we stop using them.

That’s what Andrew Brooks’ Clothing Poverty aims to change when it comes to our understanding of fashion.

Why We Love Clothing Poverty

We can’t truly get involved in sustainable fashion without understanding the lifecycle of our clothes.

Clothing Poverty examines a single pair of jeans, where it comes from, who makes them, how they are distributed all the way through to “where do they go when they are thrown away?”

Clothing Poverty

Andrew Brooks shows how our current fashion choices make people poor and destroy the planet, while making a select few very rich, indeed. 

And he makes the argument that we all need to get involved in slow fashion, if we want this to change. 

Final Thoughts On Clothing Poverty

Clothing poverty is a deeply shocking read and it’s one that we all need to come to terms with, the way we dress is killing the planet and worse, it’s killing other people. 

So, before you read up on the latest sustainable fashion trends, can we urge you to buy a copy of Clothing Poverty and read it today, instead? 

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