Credo Beauty Is The Kind, Clean Option

We love to feel beautiful and we bet that you do too.

Clean beauty products make us feel even more beautiful because they are kind to the planet as well as kind to us.

When we look for new clean beauty products to try there’s one place that we try first and that’s Credo Beauty.

Credo Beauty

Why Credo Beauty?

We’ll let them tell you why “it’s time for better beauty” in their video.

In short, beauty products shouldn’t cost, literally, the Earth.

In order to fulfil their mission Credo won’t sell a single product that contains a single product on their Dirty ListTM.

That list contains an incredible 2,700 banned products that are either linked to harm to the planet or harm to you.

By way of comparison the EU has banned around 1,300 products and the United States just 30!

If it’s been linked to cancer, hormone disruption, allergies or sensitization, is environmentally toxic or just plain toxic to the human body, it’s not getting into a Credo Beauty product.  

End of story.

Great Products

This wouldn’t be as important if their products weren’t brilliant, but they are.

Credo Beauty Products

Two things we’ve discovered, just in the last month, are the Westman Atelier Lip Suede which is just amazing for your lips and the GOOPGENES All-in-One Nourishing Face Cream which is decadently good for your skin.

Great People

In addition to that, they work very hard to highlight the people and the quality of the clean beauty industry.

Credo Beauty Face Cream

Their YouTube channel is a wealth of information for clean beauty aficionados.

Last Word on Credo Beauty

We firmly believe that everyone who wans their beauty regime to deliver the goods ought to consider clean beauty and that means considering Credo Beauty.

If you’d like some great ideas for clean beauty products to buy, then we’ve put together a list of the best natural organic lipstick brands and for natural organic face serums too. Check them out!

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