Daisugi Is The Japanese Art Of Growing Trees On Other Trees

We tend to think of sustainability as a new movement but it’s not.

Sustainability is something that we have drifted away from in the modern era in favor of convenience.

In fact, for hundreds, even thousands of years, our ancestors sought to live in harmony with the planet.

If you look carefully, you can find living examples of this such as the ancient art of Daisugi.

What Is Daisugi?

Developed near, Kyoto, in the 15th century – Daisugi is the art of growing trees upon trees.

It’s a methodology that’s meant to allow you to continue to harvest the same tree over and over again for timber.

Not only does this prevent deforestation but it also allows the lumber to achieve the ideal round and straight shape for constructing Japanese buildings with!

As you can see, it looks something like a giant version of bonsai when it’s done. This adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of the area too.

The Japanese Sure Do Love Their Forests

Another interesting practice involving trees from Japan is Forest Bathing and we reviewed the ultimate guide to this habit recently, check it out.

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