Mosevic Upcycles Fashion Waste Into Denim Sunglasses

Let me tell you a story.

There once was a boy named Jack.

Jack grew up into a visionary man (Jack Spenser) who came up with the uniquely brilliant idea of upcyling used denim into sustainable sunglasses.

jack from mosevic invents denim sunglasses

It took him eight years and a trial and error process that resulted in 436 prototypes to finally nail his concept.

The Shades of Denim line of sunglasses made from old jeans was born.

These denim sunglasses from Mosevic are the result of years of hard work, determination and a touch of genius.

Congratulations Jack!

denim sunglasses

As an independent eyewear company at the forefront of the slow fashion movement Mosevic turned to Kickstarter to bootstrap their start-up.

It was wildly successful, resulting in funding over 700% more than his request.

How To Make Denim Sunglasses

You’re probably asking yourself “How the heck do you make sunglasses with denim?”

Well, Mosevic treats and infuses each piece of old denim with resin and presses them together.

Anywhere from just a few layers up to ten layers of denim are pressed together to create a solid material.

This short video explains the process clearly:

A Responsible Approach To Sustainable Fashion

Mosevic makes their upcycled jean glasses in the small and quiet city of Cornwall in England.

They handcraft each small batch taking all the time they need to meet the exacting standards of their founder, Jack.

We have developed extraordinary sunglasses from denim fabric and it makes sense that we find our denim from a waste stream. We aren’t under any illusion that this is enough to be ‘sustainable’ on it’s own. Our scenic surroundings are a constant reminder that even though we are small fish right now, we need to implement a responsible approach to manufacture and business as a whole, right from the start.It’s important to realize that everything we do has an impact and that the extent of this impact should be at the heart of every design and business decision.


If you’re impressed with Mosevic and want to support their mission to upcycle old scrap denim into luxurious ethical sunglassses, you can order a pair of your very own on their website. Or check them out on FB.

The future is brighter in denim sunglasses.

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