Discover Life Has 1,419,254 Species To Explore

We like to slap TLC’s “Waterfalls” on when we play with Discover Life as it suits the 90s design vibe of the site.

In fact, it leaves us in a state of “Euphoria” when we spend time on the site. 

Why Discover Life?

There is no more completely, publicly accessible, fully searchable, database of life on this planet than Discover Life

edible weeds

If you love to forage for food such as edible weeds or edible forest gardens, this will become an invaluable resource.

But it’s also great if you just want to exercise your curiosity about the world around you. 

The iD Nature Guides

They can teach you how to identify any kind of bug, flower or creature you can imagine and their iD nature guides are great for building up knowledge that will rock your pub trivia team. 

And there are dozens of other equally valuable education resources on the site, though we confess, we’ve barely scratched the surface of all Discover Life has to offer. 

Final Thoughts On Discover Life

Whether you’re a keen forager or you’re just keen to learn more about nature, Discover Life is the website for you.

Look past the design and you’ll find an inexhaustible resource of information and interest, that’s why we love it. 

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