Do Electric Cars Use Oil As A Lubricant?

There’s one thing that we have no doubt about in our quest for a greener world.

Electric vehicles are the future.

We love the latest electric scooters but the real champion in the EV industry is the electric cars. They are transformative!

Surprisingly, one of the most common questions we get is whether electric cars use oil?

Do Electric Cars Use Oil?

A traditional car uses oil for one purpose only – to provide lubrication for the parts in the engine. 

It’s not burned as a fuel and the only reason you have to top up the oil and change it is that the lubrication process is inefficient and the oil becomes contaminated and some is burned away in the engine. 

No Combustion Engine

An electric car does not use a combustion engine. It has an all-electric engine (as you might expect). 

That means there are no moving parts in the engine that require lubrication or cooling. 

There are no pistons or valves. 

tesla skates electric motors

This means that in an electric car as the drivetrain is 100% different from a traditional car – there’s no need for oil at all. 

What Fluids Do You Need For An Electric Car?

While you don’t need oil, you do need a coolant fluid which is designed to cool an electric engine. 

pouring coolant

You also need brake fluid and windshield washing fluid for the same reasons as you need them in a traditional vehicle.

Last Word

Do electric cars use oil? No.  They don’t because they don’t have moving parts in the engine that need lubricating. 

If you’d like to see a couple of electric vehicles that won’t need any oil check out this awesome prototype, Luca, from University of Technology Eindhoven and this E-transit van from Ford

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