Doshi Makes Beautiful Affordable Vegan Bags

If you’ve spent much time on Whole People then you’ll know that we’re big fans of cruelty-free fashion.

In fact, if fashion can be vegan – then so much the better and that’s where Doshi comes in.

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Vegan Fashion and Doshi

With everyone from celebrities to big name brands like Adidas shining the spotlight onto vegan fashion at the moment, it’s important to find products that you can trust.

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Doshi specializes in gorgeous bags and wallets and they are all made from vegan leather.

Why Vegan Leather?

The founder of Doshi, Paras Doshi, wants people to know that turning down leather isn’t just about the morality of moving away from animal-derived products but an environmental choice too. 

He notes that much of the world’s leather is produced cheaply at a huge human cost in China and India and that the industry creates huge amounts of toxic by-products

It’s poisoning people and the planet and it’s not necessary. 

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Doshi Bags & Briefcases Are Awesome

Of course, when it comes to fashion – it’s not enough to have noble intentions.  You need products that make people look amazing and in that Doshi excels.

Their women’s handbag range is to die for. 

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There is something for every occasion and they are surprisingly reasonably priced too. 

And their men’s briefcases are stylish and distinctive, the sort of fashion statement you want to make in a big city. 

Final Thoughts on Doshi

We love brands like Doshi because they make beautiful products that are kind to both people and the planet, at an affordable price and for all the right reasons. 

We think you’re going to love them too. Check out Doshi here.

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