The Droplet Trailer Is The Tiny Camper Of Your Dreams

Do you dream of life on the open road? Do you long to be able to pick up and head out for a long weekend in the wilderness at the drop of a hat?

Have you been resisting because you’re not able to get the money together for the equipment?

Then this is the brand that you’ve been waiting for all of your life.

If you read our recent article on the best teardrop trailers or our list of top pop up campers then you’ll know that we love the idea of being able to live comfortably on the road.

Well, we’ve just been introduced to Droplet, a brand that makes this experience more easily available to everyone.

The Teardrop Trailer

This isn’t quite a pop up camper. Or a full-on camper van.

It’s a trailer which can be towed behind nearly any car (even a Mini Cooper!) and it transforms into a shell that accommodates a complete (and fully-equipped) kitchen as well as a bedroom that can hold a queen sized bed!

It’s super light when you attach it to your vehicle, which is important because it means that you’re able to stay fully in control when driving, something that can be a struggle with heavier trailer based campers.

Doing Good With Every Purchase

Of course, it’s important to us that the brands we love aren’t just selling something.

They also have to be doing something to make the world a better place!

Droplet uses 10% of their earnings to buy land in both Canada (they are proudly Canadian!) and the USA that can be transformed into free campgrounds.

“Here at DROPLET, we want to facilitate a sense of community. We believe in sharing stories and adventures that matter.”

Pascal Pillon, owner of DROPLET

Droplet envisions a world in which everyone has a self-contained camper and the space to enjoy that camper in. We like that, a lot.

droplet trailer at night

We think the more time people spend in nature, the more likely they are to understand the importance of saving the planet and living in harmony with the Earth. Overlanding with a Droplet is a sustainable travel adventure!


Droplet is a welcome addition to the camping world, an awesome brand that is making camping more accessible and opening up the world for you to explore it.

Check out Droplet here. See you on the road!

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