Dropps Is Your Next Sustainable Laundry Detergent

Dropps arose from the need to make a laundry detergent that didn’t cause any damage to a special type of yarn!

It’s a family business owned by Jonathan Propper and his mother, Lenore Propper Shwartz, was the person who made the delicate yarn for the sweaters!

Why We Love Dropps

Dropps makes a fully biodegradable, low-sudsing detergent that is designed to go easy on natural fibers so that they retain their shape and color and look awesome for longer. 

dropps unscented detergent pods

They also invented the first ever laundry pod so that you could just drop a pod in your laundry and watch it get clean without storing large, bulky and drippy jugs of detergent. 

And on top of this, they’re 100% committed to sustainability, use low-waste packaging, indulge in no-animal testing and use only eco-friendly ingredients. What’s not to love? 

Our Favorite Dropps Products

Their Active Wash Detergent is our go to when we’ve got activewear or synthetic fabric to clean, it keeps them clean, smelling great and can handle any stain. 

dropps active wash fresh start detergent pods

If you’ve got a garment that your regular detergent can’t shift stains or odors in, their Stain & Odor Detergent can handle it. 

And if you suffer from allergies their Sensitive Skin Detergent is super kind to your skin as well as to your clothes. 

Final Thoughts On Dropps

If you want to keep the planet as clean as your clothes then Dropps is the perfect choice of laundry detergent.

They also make some great products for kitchens and, in particular, for your dishwasher that you should check out. 

If you’ve enjoyed learning about Dropps, you may also enjoy our list of the best natural organic cleaning brands, as well as our examinations of Blueland and Cleancult cleaners. 

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