Earth in Human Hands Is Shaping Our Planet’s Future

As an astrobiologist at NASA, David Grinspoon has a very optimistic message about the problems that we’re facing as a species. He’s summed it all up in Earth In Human Hands.

Yes, there’s a big slice of climate change in here but not in an “we’re all doomed” fashion but rather in a “we can deal with this” kind of way.

Why We Love Earth in Human Hands

David uses Gaia Theory and our own history to demonstrate that we’re very capable of coming up with solutions to our problems and that humanity has a great track record of doing so. 

Earth in Human Hands

He doesn’t ignore the scale of the challenges but rather illustrates how we can come together and rise to tackle them as one species. 

Most of all, he encourages us to ask “what kind of world do we really want?” and to start building it. 

Final Thoughts On Earth in Human Hands

Earth in Human Hands is a fascinating journey that offers real solutions to the problems that are faced by the planet today. 

We’d also note that if you’re a Kindle reader, it’s one of the cheapest books out there that touches on Gaia Theory. 

If you’re looking for other uplifting works that incorporate Gaia Theory why not take a look at Sand County Almanac, Gaia in Action and The Gaia Hypothesis?

You can grab a copy online here