Earthdance Is Living Systems In Evolution

With a foreword by James Lovelock, one of the creators of Gaia Theory, you know that Elisabet Sahtouris’ Earthdance will concern itself with big things. 

In fact, it concerns itself with two of the biggest concepts of them all in science, the evolution of biological species and their interaction with the cosmos itself!

Why We Love Earthdance

Dr. Elisabet Sahtouris is a world-renowned expert and her enthusiasm and brilliance are what makes Earthdance so fascinating and challenging. 


She expands the idea of Gaia Theory to fill the whole universe and the idea that we’re all somehow composed of stardust is an inspirational one. 

It’s also a beautiful text on caring for the planet around us so, in turn, it can care for us. 

Final Thoughts On Earthdance

Earthdance is an essential text that allows us to see ourselves in perspective with everything else. It is never boring, though it can, occasionally, be hard to keep up with Elisabet’s understanding. 

Earthdance is based around the Gaia theory and there are other great books on this theory too, take a look at What Is Life?, Homage To Gaia and Symbiotic Planet, we think you’ll enjoy them.

You can grab a copy online here.