Eco Friendly Kitchen Storage Products Guide for 2022

Looking for eco friendly kitchen storage products?

If you're like many of our readers you have asked yourself “How can I make my kitchen more environmentally respectful?”

What answers did you come up with? With so much greenwashing from brands these days It's hard to know exactly what products are truly “green”.

Are silicone products eco-positive? Are ANY plastic products ecocologically sound? Caveat emptor.

Here are the essential kitchen products you can start using today that will immediately green up your kitchen. We use all of these products in the Whole People Kitchen.

If you're not currently using these products (or similar) then this is a great chance to take some simple action that will have an impact today.

 Food Huggers Silicone Food Savers

food huggers are great kitchen products

I'm a half a tomato guy when it comes to sandwiches. My usual strategy is to leave the remaining half face-down on the cutting board. As if waiting, hopefully, for someone to prepare a second or even third sandwich with it's juicy bounty.

More often on than not the surplus tomato goes unused and discarded after another lonely day or two sitting on the least popular shelf in the fridge. It's sad.

There's 2 obvious solutions: 1. Add more tomato to my sandwiches. This is a possibility but I'm fairly picky when it comes to sandwich ingredient ratios so I'd be preparing humongous sandwiches. Oh well.

Or 2. Use a tool or product like Food Huggers to enjoy a second sandwich tomorrow and avoid food waste.

Food Huggers are great little tools for preserving half or partially used fruits and vegetables. They are perfect for singles, couples and moms with a family full of picky eaters. Get some today. Highly recommended. Dishwasher safe.

Organic Food Wraps Keep Things Flavor Fresh

food wraps

There’s no arguable reason to use single use plastics in the home any longer.

Alternatives, like Bee’s Wrap Food Wraps which are made of beeswax, are much better choices.

Beeswax food wraps are plastic-free and reusable so they're an excellent alternative food storage solution.

Beeswax solutions are sustainable, workable alternatives to plastic wrap. We’ve featured Bee’s Wrap in our guide to natural living.

They use bees wax to develop a form of paper which is washable and can be used for up to a year before it needs replacing. That’s one wrap for your sandwiches, for a year. Compared to 365 plastic wraps.

Another great company making organic food wraps is Etee.

Reusable Grocery Bags

reusable grocery bags

This should be standard across the board by now. My gosh, it's 2020 and my local 7-11 is still forcing as much plastic on me as possible.

For a detailed report on all things reusable grocery bag check out our guide to reusable grocery bags.

It's hard to pick the “best” of something with so many good choices available. The BeeGreen brand are washable and easy to care for so they are a solid choice if you're looking to buy some reusable grocery bags. It's best to choose a brand that uses organic cotton.

Our favorite is probably the CarryWell Set of 10 Reusable Grocery Bags.

And we love the canvas look and feel of the Colony Co. Waxed Canvas Grocery Bag.

An even better choice is to reuse a canvas tote bag that is laying around the house. Check the top shelf of closets.

Reusable Snack and Sandwich Bags

Reusable Sandwich Bags

When it comes to reusable sandwich bags there's some really good options available. Hopefully, single-use plastics for storing lunches will soon be history.

Sandwich bags are a smart replacement for plastic wrap or plastic baggies. Reusable storage bags are the way to go.

One of the best choices are the Stasher Reusable Silcone Sandwich Bags. These are the ideal replacement for plastic baggies.They are made from non-toxic pure platinum silicone and are totally safe storage bags.

With 12 different designs there's sure to be one you like. You can get them here.

If you'd prefer to go with cloth rather than silicone then a great choice is the Yummi Pouch made from organic cotton. We love the Yummi Pouch.

They are BPA-free, phthalate-free, PVC-free, and lead-free. Check Price Here. These are safe to throw into the dishwasher after use.

If it's a reusable snack bag or sandwich bag for kids that you need then we recommend the Langsprit Premium Reusable Sandwich & Snack Bags.

The hedgehog print is perfect and adorable and the bags are washable and durable enough to survive the tough environment of a child's school backpack. Check Price Here.

Mason Jars & Other Jars

mason jars

Mason Jars are a great reusable food storage solution. They're not just for your jam-crazy Auntie Jo-Jo anymore they are mainstream trendy now. They are a great affordable (and good looking) choice for all kinds of food storage.

We use Mason Jars for tons of different things in the Whole People Kitchen – dried herbs, small-batch sauces and flavored oil blends. Mason jars are a smart alternative to plastic and are better for you and the environment.

Recycling and reusing any glass jars that you already have is a smart first step as well. Jam jars can easily be repurposed to hold grains and other foodstuffs.

You can order Mason Jars on Amazon and they'll be at your door in hours. Check Price Here.

Glass Food Storage Containers

eco friendly kitchen storage products

Glass food containers are a great choice. Some standard pyrex glass storage containers will do the trick and they are readily available on Amazon.

Simply put, glass is better for both you and the environment. Unlike plastic, glass is non-porous and won't absorb any germs or other hidden cooties.

Glass food storage containers are a much better choice than plastic wrap or plastic containers. They are more durable and longer lasting, so you won’t have to change these out every few months due to staining and cracking. Glass makes for durable containers.

Prep Naturals Reusable Food Storage Containers are reliable containers to keep your food fresh.

Stainless Steel Food Storage Containers

Stainless Steel Food Storage Containers

When it comes to using stainless steel for lunch boxes – particularly for kids lunch boxes or bento boxes – we are big fans of LunchBots. Stainless steel lunch boxes are a great alternative to plastic wrap.

They come in different sizes and different configurations depending on your needs.

If you're going to purchase a stainless steel lunch box then this is the best choice. Click for price.

Thermos has a nice stainless steel food jar that we like a lot.

My husband uses it alot for his trademark venison chili when he heads out for a day of fishing. It's available online here.

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