The Economics of Sustainable Food: Smart Policies for Health and the Planet

Farming is dead for most people. In this industrial age, everything is done by machine and on enormous scales and it’s scarring the planet. 

The Economics of Sustainable Food wants to help us understand the cost to ourselves and to the earth of the way we eat and farm. 

Why We Love The Economics of Sustainable Food

Nicoletta Batini pulls no punches here. The full horrors of big agriculture are laid bare so that we can appreciate the harm we are doing to ourselves.

The Economics of Sustainable Food

Then, The Economics of Sustainable Food lays out the business case and the political case for sustainable farming and eating.

And it pulls in plenty of evidence from around the world to show how easy this can be without causing undue distress to people as a change is made. 

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt in our minds that the way we eat is not sustainable and in many cases, it’s also hideously cruel.

The Economics of Sustainable Food is a road map to a better future and we’d all be better off if we read it and acted upon it. 

You can grab a copy of The Economics of Sustainable Food online here.

Looking at sustainable food at home? Check out the books on veganism, how to raise chickens and modern-day pioneering for some ideas. 

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