10 Electric Vehicle Blogs That Will Get You Charged Up

Electric Vehicle Blogs

The future is electric and everyone should read these awesome electric vehicle blogs.

You’ll quickly come to learn which electric vehicles are truly “green” and which are just greenwashing. 

Check them out!

Charged EVs (Electric Vehicles Magazine)

Charged EV

Florida’s Charged EVs offers over 20 posts a week discussing the merits of electric vehicle usage around the world. 

Whether you’re into electric cars, trucks, scooters, skateboards, trikes, bikes, etc. they can all be found here.


Based in California, this green tech blog is all about the transport industry and how it slots into the bigger ecosystem. 

With 3 posts a day, Electrek’s always fresh and interesting. 

Inside EVs (Electric Vehicle News, Reviews and Reports)

inside evs

The largest blog on the internet that caters only to those electric vehicles which are plugged in. 

Inside EVs has been posting 15 times a day since 2012 and it’s a goldmine of information. 

Clean Fleet Report

This site has been running since June 2006 and Clean Fleet Report is all about the industry position as it changes from fossil fuels to electric and it touches on hybrids as well as EVs. 

Green Car Reports

green car reports

Green Car Reports is dedicated to helping individuals make sense of the world of green cars and in particular, deciding which vehicles are truly green and which are not. 

EV Obsession

Yes, EV Obsession is not for the casual electric vehicle user but rather the obsessive. 

Actually, it’s very accessible to all and we like the in-depth look at market research they offer. 



OK, Teslarati, as the name suggests, has a very narrow focus on just all things Tesla (and occasionally all things Elon Musk and Space X too) but as Tesla is the major player in this space, it makes sense. 

CleanTechnica Car Reviews

CleanTechnica market themselves as the best site in the US for cleantech news and this is the subcategory which deals with electric vehicles and how they fit in the clean tech ecosystem.

The Truth About Cars

the truth about cars

If you like your blogs to be a little scandalous, you will love The Truth About Cars.

Their EV coverage is brutal and aims to get to the bottom of what’s really green and what’s not. 

Electric Vehicle News

They like their green tech down under too and Electric Vehicle News is Australia’s premier online community and Q&A for Electric Car Users. 

Last Word On EV Blogs

We hope that you found a blog or two to your liking on our list of electric vehicle blogs that will get you charged up. 

The future is definitely electric, but it’s important to invest in truly green tech and then you can know your money was spent wisely. 

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