The Encyclopedia of Country Living

Carla Emery’s landmark work the Encyclopedia of Country Living began life in the 1960s when she laid out her blueprint for a more sustainable and enjoyable life.

Incredibly, the work has been so popular that it has been updated many times across the years and it is now enjoying its 50th Anniversary Edition which was published in December of 2019.

The Encyclopedia of Country Livingeeeee

A Comprehensive Recipe For A Better Life

Carla wasn’t about changing the world through lofty ideals and campaigning.

She was all about making practical changes in your own life to make the planet a better place and the book retains and builds on that ethos.

You’ll learn how your actions can make a difference to everything from carbon emissions to water tables.

Practical Guides

You’ll find this book to be packed with practical how-to guides to get from A to B.

Country Living

So, if, for example, you want to make your food budget go farther, you might want to start by learning how to can, dry and preserve good in the traditional ways.

Or you might want to study how to grow your own food. They’re both there.

If you’re feeling peckish right now, on the other hand, you might want to follow her recipe on how to make cheese in just under 20 minutes! It’s worth buying just for that.

In fact, throughout this wonderful book you will find endless tips to enhance your life. Everyone should have a copy.

You can find The Encyclopedia of Country Living 50th Anniversary Edition on Amazon.

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