Entourage Mag Covers Cannabis Culture In Thailand

We’re big fans of cannabis here at Whole People. We think the world is a better place where a completely natural substance can calm your nerves, help with various medical conditions and even assist in pain management of the most serious problems. 

And our friends at Entourage Mag are not just huge fans of cannabis, they aim to share all the exciting developments on Thailand’s cannabis scene!

Thailand Is the Only Country In Asia To Legalize Cannabis

It’s odd but traditional medicine across Southeast Asia and, indeed, in many other parts of Asia used to use cannabis all the time.

But then the American anti-drug crusades hit and one by one each nation in Asia was persuaded to outlaw marijuana. The only thing that remained was hemp production, which was fine for materials but not so fine for getting high on.

And then… everything changed this year. Thailand decided to break away from the pack, it saw that cannabis had been legalized and decriminalized elsewhere and that the fabric of society hadn’t imploded.

It also had a mounting body of evidence that medicinal cannabis was capable of providing incredible benefits. 

Why Entourage Mag?

Entourage Mag was born in this moment of realization. It is dedicated to promoting the Thai cannabis industry – the people, the places, and the plants. 

This is the first time for an Asian nation to go it alone and embrace cannabis and it’s an exciting time which promises huge opportunities for those who invest wisely and think long-term but also plenty of pitfalls for the unwary. 

We expect Entourage Mag to chart the lows as well as the highs (excuse the pun) of the Thai cannabis scene and share what makes Thailand’s approach to cannabis use unique and powerful. 

And as we plan on a staff outing to Chiang Mai later on this year, we were also very grateful for the list of dispensaries in Nimman, Chiang Mai. 

Why not check Entourage Mag out today?