Etee Is A Joyful Rebellion For Sustainable Consumers

There aren’t many environmental issues that everyone agrees on. But there is one. 

We use too much plastic and we throw too much of it away and that’s where Etee comes in.

The Revolution Is Here

Etee wants us all to stop using plastic as part of our shopping habits. 

etee plastic free club

It’s a simple, easy to repeat daily action that will have a long-term and meaningful impact on the planet around us, without costing a fortune. 

In short, it’s a revolution we can all take part in and succeed at.

Shopping Without Plastic

Etee’s products are all made from fully biodegradable materials from the natural world.

This includes all the stuff inside the box and the box itself.

When you’ve finished with it, the product simply returns to the earth in a truly environmentally friendly fashion.

etee products

Awesome Products

Of course, none of this would matter if their products weren’t awesome. 

After all, we don’t want to compromise quality when we shop, do we?


We’ve really enjoyed using their Cocoa Mint Jumbo Lip Balm as well as their Minty Vanilla Chewpaste (which is a toothpaste substitute). 

And while we won’t pretend that washing dishes is our favorite task in the world, their Citrus Sunshine Dish Soap is very effective at getting the job done. (We’ve got some other great soaps here in our Best Sustainable Dish Soap list).

Final Thoughts On Etee

We love Etee because its mission is simple and pure and it’s something that we can all participate in. 

If you’ve enjoyed learning about Etee, you may also appreciate these 10 brands trying to eliminate packaging waste from the makeup industry and these shoe brands that are turning waste plastics into shoes. 

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