Field Mag Is Essential Reading, According To Outdoorsy People

We love the outdoor lifestyle and so do Graham Hiemstra and Chris Stillitano. In fact, they love it so much that they founded Field Mag with the intention of persuading other people to get outdoors. 

Field Mag, The Great Outdoors

Great Content That Really Brings Places To Life

In Field Mag, they’ve created a place that celebrates great design and the great outdoors with a little bit of an emphasis on the outdoors.

So, for example, take their recent guide to Snowdonia – an area of Wales in the UK that you might not have seen – they ensure that every image brings it to life as though you were there. 

Great Content That Really Brings Places To Life

And that’s not a one-off – check out their awesome guide to cross-country skiing and you get the same level of care and love paid to every image and every word. 

It’s awesome. 

They’re New To YouTube

They’ve also just moved on to YouTube and they’re showcasing a rather interesting product for outdoor use, umm a bong

It looks great, mind you, but it’s probably not the first thing we’ll be investing in – we’ll stick to their more traditional list of outdoor gear for now. 

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