Finding Sustainability is the Journey of a Plastic Bag Manufacturer

You wake up one morning and you realize that your business is out of control. 

That you may lose a company that took your family decades to build and dozens of staff members may lose their livelihoods.

This isn’t a theoretical situation, it’s the one that Trent Romer found himself in and worse, he agreed with the driving forces that could ruin his life. 

Why We Love Finding Sustainability

Finding Sustainability is about an awakening and a journey from blight on the planet to one of the good guys.

Finding Sustainability

Trent decided that his business had to change and he made a trek around the country to transform his plastic bag company to something sustainable.

It’s not often that you get a case study in how to do better but Finding Sustainability is just that and it shows that everyone could do better, if they only wanted to. 

Final Thoughts On Finding Sustainability

There’s a world between realizing there’s a problem and taking action to solve the problem. 

Trent Romer’s story is inspirational and a practical guide to solving problems to the benefit of people as well as the planet. 

You can grab a copy of Finding Sustainability online here.

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