First Lessons in Beekeeping | Book Review

The first lessons in beekeeping are that everyone should keep bees! Everyone!

Seriously, not only are bees amazing for your garden and the planet because they fertilize plants and ensure that we can all live well on the earth, but bees produce honey and there is nothing finer than fresh honey.

So, that means everyone needs a copy of Keith S Delaplane’s book First Lessons In Beekeeping.

First Lessons in Beekeeping

A Full Color Guide To Beekeeping

Given that bees can sting (though they usually don’t) we think it’s best to get your advice in a format that’s easily understood.

a bee on a flower

We appreciated the color photography as well as the diagrams and clearly structured advice in this text because it made us feel safe to get our own hive and start keeping bees.

Everything You Need To Know

This book has everything you need to know about bees in it.

It begins with some basic biology lessons on bees not just their structure and biological systems but also a look at how bees are an essential part of the larger eco-system.

Then it turns to the equipment you need to keep bees, how to manage your bees and their hives for maximum production, how to produce, collect and then process honey so that it’s perfectly safe for you and your family to eat and how to care for your bees in the event of sickness or infestations.


In short, if you only ever read one book on beekeeping, it ought to be this book.

Keith’s passion for these amazing creatures is truly infectious. Enjoy!

You can find First Lessons in Beekeeping on Amazon.

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