20 Flowers You Can Eat

There are lots of surprising things you can eat. For example, there are edible weeds and edible forest gardens but one thing that seems to have fallen out of favor in recent years is eating flowers.

And this is odd because even if you’re not on a plant-based diet, flowers can be really tasty.

There’s a long history of cooking with flowers too – the Chinese do it, the Greeks do it, the Romans did too. 

You can use them for flavor or just to add color and personality to your dishes.

Flowers You Can Eat

flowers you can eat
  1. Allium blossoms.Alliums are onions, garlic, chives, etc. and all of their blossoms can be eaten and, perhaps unsurprisingly, tend to taste similar to the bulbs.
  2. Anise Hysop. This is a fantastic flower to use in a dessert dish or where you just want a hint of flavor. They bring both anise and licorice tones to the party.
  3. Bachelor’s Button. The petals are very much edible but the calyx is pretty foul as it’s ultra-bitter. They are bit, grassy though, they’re great for an edible decoration.
  4. Bee Balm. These cute and easy to identify red flowers have a certain mint taste about them.
  5. Calendula. One of the best flowers to cook with, you get a very spicy, peppery flavor from them. 
  6. Chamomile. Watch out if you have ragweed issues as you might be allergic to chamomile but otherwise, it’s sweet and tasty. 
  7. Chicory. As you would expect you get a sort of earthy bitter tone from chicory petals and even the buds. They make for great pickles.
  8. Cilantro. You may/may not love these but we can say for certain that if you heat them, they don’t taste of very much at all.
  9. Clover. Yes, the humble clover is an edible flower and they’re a sweet tasting flower with just a touch of licorice.
  10. Dill. The yellow flower of the dill plant has a taste almost indistinguishable from the herb’s leaves.
  11. Fennel. Another herb and another flower with a very similar taste – this time a touch of licorice, obviously.
  12. Gladiolus. Yes, the humble gladioli is edible, though it doesn’t taste of very much, they’re good for stuffing with cheese though or as a garnish.
  13. Hollyhock. They look fantastic on the plate, we just wish that the hollyhock had a bit more flavor to it.
  14. Jasmine. Be careful with jasmine, its pungent nature means that it’s best used in small quantities in dishes rather than layered on. 
  15. Lavender. You can’t go wrong with lavender; it works well in savory dishes and in desserts and puddings.
  16. Lilac. There’s a distinct nose to lilac flowers but it translates pleasantly to a sort of citrus on the tongue.
  17. Nasturtium. A very popular edible flower that offers a sweet, peppery taste, and if you can get the seeds they’re spicy and sweet too!
  18. Pansy. They don’t taste of very much but pansies look great on a plate!
  19. Rose. You must get rid of the base which is white in color and tastes bitter but the rest of the flower is completely edible and very tasty.
  20. Violets. With a heavy sweet bouquet the violet is the ideal addition to a dessert or even a drink.

Final Thoughts On Flowers You Can Eat

Everyone ought to brighten their diet up with edible flowers!

They’re awesome to look at, they taste great and they add a burst of needed color to bland-looking dishes.

It’s time for Americans to embrace edible flowers again in the way that they’ve embraced plant-based lifestyles. 

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