Flyp App Takes The Pain Out Of Selling Your Old Clothing Online

There’s only one thing we love more than being ethical and that’s being ethical and getting richer for it.

We strongly support slow fashion, ethical fashion and we’re really keen on online thrift stores too.

However, we’re not so keen on doing the hard work of describing every item and photographing it.

Enter Flyp

Flyp is an online thrift store with a difference.

It takes consignments from sellers and it does all the hard work for you.

flyp shopping and selling

In essence you box up everything you want to sell, take some photos of what you’re sending (so that you know what they’ve got), and then you choose one of their “Pro Partners”.

They provide you with price estimates and the commissions on each item based on your pictures and if you’re OK with that – you send them the stuff using Flyp’s prepaid shipping label. 

The Pro Partner then does the sexy snaps, the descriptions, etc. 

And then every time that an item sells – you get paid.

Easy, right? 

How Much You Get Paid On Flyp

The exact amount you recieve can vary but you typically see 50-70% of the sale price on each item. 

The commission includes all other fees – research, photography, listings, payment processing, shipping, etc. which makes it superb value. 

Final Thoughts On Using Flyp

Flyp is an awesome service, it’s hard to muster enthusiasm to declutter your wardrobe when you know you have to sell each item individually.

When you let Flyp handle the process you can just sit back and get paid and that makes it so much easier to build a minimalist wardrobe that brings you the maximum benefits. 

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