Eaten at Wendy’s Lately? If Yes, Then Check Your Bank Account

31 Jan , 2016  

Wendy’s is currently investigating a potential breach in their computer security system after numerous customers have reported fraudulent charges on their credit cards and debit cards.

According to expert Brian Krebs, the guy who discovered Target’s huge data breach back in 2013, the fast food chain is looking into “unusual activity.”

“Fraudulent charges may have occurred elsewhere after the cards were legitimately used at some of our restaurants,” Wendy’s spokesperson Bob Bertini says. Bertini added that they have since hired a new security firm to look into the breach.

 No one can say how widespread the issue and how many of it’s restaurants are effected. Wendy’s currently has over 6,500 locations in the US and abroad. The initial red flags were raised in the midwest and on the east coast.

If you’ve eaten at a Wendy’s in the last 30 days and used a credit or debit card, then you should watch your account very closely. You’ve been warned!

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Source: Delish