Still Wasting Money At The Supermarket On Frozen Yogurt? Make It Homemade in 5 Minutes!

29 Jan , 2016   Video

Plain yogurt has been around for over 4 thousand years. In the early 1900s it made it’s way to America and became popular as a “health food”. In the 30s Dannon began selling prepackaged yogurt and in the 70s – with ice-cream wildly popular – it seemed natural to freeze yogurt. In 1981 the first TCBY (The Country’s Best Yogurt) ¬†was opened and the rest is history.

Whether you call it Froghurt or Froyo, this sweet treat is lower in fat than ice cream so enjoy some today. The homemade way. Stop wasting money on fancy frozen yogurts and just make your own. It’s pretty simple. And thanks to Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking you can make 5 delicious flavors today! Enjoy!