Foraging with Kids Finds 52 Wild and Free Edibles to Enjoy with Your Children

Foraging is the best way to enjoy nature’s bounty and improve your diet without spending a single dime more on food. 

Foraging with Kids is designed to make foraging a family-friendly activity where your children can also contribute to the table and have tons of fun in the process.

Why We Love Foraging With Kids

We’re big fans of foraging, in fact, we’ve got our own guide to foraging mushrooms and another for puffball mushrooms, but we concede it can be hard to teach the basics to kids.

foraging with kids book cover

Adele Nozedar’s book makes it super easy though, she takes 50 easy-to-identify plants that can be found anywhere in the world and builds some simple family projects around them.

Our kids really enjoyed making soap after foraging some conkers and learning how to help stop bleeding using hedge woundwort. 

Final Thoughts On Foraging with Kids

If you’re hoping your kids will embrace a plant-based diet or life as they grow up, then Foraging with Kids is an essential part of their education and even if not, it’s full of amazing family activities that are genuinely fun.

If you really get into foraging, you may also appreciate the Discover Life database which has records on more than a million species worldwide that you can access for free.

You can find Foraging With Kids online at the Book Depository here.

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