Future Kind Aims To Be World’s Most Sustainable Supplement Brand

Now, more than ever, staying fit and in peak shape can be challenging. That’s where Future Kind comes in.

Future Kind was founded by two Australian brothers, Shaun & Eliot Cunningham, with a singular mission: to build the world’s most sustainable supplement brand. The company is now international and all their products are made in the U.S.

This is a company that cares deeply about their products and they ensure that they are good for both our bodies and our collective home – Planet Earth.

Future Kind

Future Kind Has A Mission

With a business model aimed at being as sustainable as possible they positively encourage other businesses to copy their sustainable model!

They fully acknowledge that while they’ve made great strides in achieving this mission – they still have a ways to go – as does the entire industry.

Being green can be complicated. What the folks at Future Kind discovered was that it’s all too easy to greenwash without knowing it. 

For example, which is the most eco-friendly recylced plastic or recycled paper or recycled glass?

This isn’t an easy question to answer – in fact, it’s super complicated and, for now at least, they’ve decided the answer is recycled plastic, but they admit this could change if other information comes to light. 

vegan super greens from future kind

Being Healthy Is Easier

However, while the sustainability side of things may be complicated, getting the right supplements is not.

In fact, they even have a super cool nutrient calculator which allows you to explain your life to their computer system and for it to help you pick the supplements you need without wasting money on those that you don’t.

We’ve been using their Vegan Multivitamin to great effect but it’s worth going through the diagnostic process before you opt for any particular choice. 

future kind vegan multivitamins

When formulating their products they ask 3 main questions:

  • How much will this nutrient help people?
  • How strong is the science behind it?
  • Is it from the best source available? Is it organic?

By only using ingredients that work, we eliminate products in the market that should never have been there in the first place. The supplements industry is filled with products that simply don’t stack up when it comes to the science. We also do our best to find organic suppliers, since they tend to have the most environmentally friendly farming practices. Finally, we do our best to source as locally as possible and minimise the amount of fuel that was needed to get it to us.

Future Kind

They may not have the sustainability thing cracked, just yet, but they’re 100% open and transparent about that process and that makes us feel good about it.

And Future Kind’s supplements are simply awesome. Shop Future Kind here.