The Gaia Hypothesis Is Science on a Pagan Planet

When the idea of “Gaia” was first proposed it was dismissed as new-age nonsense by much of the scientific community.

Today, however, much of the original idea is considered to be scientific fact and those parts that weren’t? Have been replaced by better models. 

Why We Love The Gaia Hypothesis

In The Gaia Hypothesis, Michael Ruse examines how an outfield spiritual concept managed to become accepted by the mainstream of science. 

The Gaia Hypothesis

He looks at how Gaia’s origins are nearly as old as humanity itself and then shows how it evolves naturally, every step of the way to today, and why it fits with what we already know of the world around us. 

Last Words

It’s nice to revisit the basics of Gaia Theory and then see how they bloomed to become a mainstream theory accepted by the sciences and Michael Ruse’s book is an entertaining and fascinating way to do it. 

We like this book enough that it appears in our best books on Gaia theory list too.

Other fascinating works on Gaia Theory include From Eros to Gaia, Gaia: A New Look At Life on Earth and Earth In Human Hands. We think you’ll really enjoy them. We sure did.

You can grab a copy online here.