Gaia in Action Is The Science of the Living Earth

There have been few ideas, in recent years, which have upset the scientific apple cart as much as the concept of “Gaia” which was first promoted by James Lovelock.

The idea is simple. The biosphere of our planet is a single complex ecosystem which is as much shaped by the things that live in it as the things that live in it are shaped by the biosphere.

Why We Love Gaia in Action

In Peter Bunyard’s Gaia in Action, he takes our understanding of Gaia and working with fellow scientists (including James Lovelock and Lynn Margulis) he explores how this theory can be used in practical ways to help the planet.

Gaia in Action

There are several essays to be found in Gaia in Action and each of them has a practical call to action that could benefit the planet.

It is worth noting that this work was published in 1996, so some current science may surpass it, however, each idea is well presented and offers the reader a clear insight into the scientific process behind it. 

Final Thoughts On Gaia in Action

Gaia in Action is a book for those looking to translate theory into action to make the world a better place, it is packed with ideas that could help tackle problems on a planetary scale.

It’s also easy to read and entertaining. It’s a great book to help broaden your knowledge of Gaia Theory too. 

Looking for other scientific insights into Gaia Theory? Then take a look at The Gaia Hypothesis, Life as a Geologic Force and The Molecular Biology of Gaia too.

You can grab a copy online here.