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On 1st December, 2021, was acquired by Whole People.

Gaia Theory ( was a site dedicated to the promotion of the science behind Gaia Theory and was run by Martin Ogle, the Chief Naturalist, of Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority.

We are committed to continuing to provide accurate and trustworthy information and news related to Gaia Theory.

What Is Gaia Theory?

Gaia Theory is the principle that the biosphere of Earth is a single complex system which is influenced by the living beings within it.

It has profound implications for human health, agriculture, climate change and many other scientific disciplines. was a website engineered to promote the science of Gaia Theory and networking between scientists working in the field of Gaia Theory or in other fields in which Gaia Theory may have been applicable.

It offered book reviews, articles and essays as well as resources and images to practitioners as well as presentations and perspectives on the theory itself. was inspired by the Whole Earth Catalog and aims to be an essential and valuable resource to everyone with concerns about the environment, sustainability, and related movements such as sustainable fashion, clean beauty, veganism, zero waste, minimalism, crafting, and homesteading.

Our mission is to disseminate ideas, tools and product reviews to help sustainable humans find products that match their natural, organic, and ethical lifestyle choices. We provide access to tools and ideas to explore possibilities.

The more people who are aware of the need for a more sustainable future, the easier it will be to achieve it.

WholePeople is proud to continue the work of and hopes that this will benefit Mother Earth as much as’s readers.