Girlfriend Collective Is Breaking Up With The Status Quo

The ethical clothing market is booming but there are still very few sustainable activewear brands.

That’s where Girlfriend Collective come in, they know that we all need to move to stay healthy and they know that healthy comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes.


Transparency First

Transparency in business is something of a rare commodity.

Yet, Girlfriend Collective strives to deliver exactly that to their customers.

They want you to be able to see into every part of their process – from where the raw materials are grown, to the manufacturing, to the delivery to partners.

They wanted to connect that transparency with a community that cared about they way they looked and the way that they looked interacted with the world about them. And they’ve succeeded.

girlfriend undies


A lot of companies say they’re eco-friendly but very few deliver on that promise. Beware greenwashing.

Girlfriend Collective talks the talk and walks the walk and when they fall short, thanks to their transparency policy – you can be aware of it and make an informed purchasing decision.

They’re at 100% recycled and recyclable packaging, their materials are mainly recycled, low waste or zero waste products too.

They have a particular focus on recycling plastic water bottles in to clothing because that can produce soft silky fibers and keep the world’s oceans from being overwhelmed by human-made waste.

girfriend collective impact

They also guarantee that their products are made by real people, paid fair wages in safe and healthy conditions and that they never use forced or child labor at any point in the supply chain.

They are holders of the SA8000 certification for social accountability.

Products That We Love

They are particularly famous for their leggings and you’ll soon see why, it doesn’t matter who you are – they have some for you that will fit and feel fabulous.

We’re also big fans of their bras which are super comfy.

If you like Girlfriend Collective then there are some other brands you ought to check out! Check out Tree Tribe for great leggings as well.

Pro-Tip: Read our sustainable fashion guide which will walk you through how to make the most of your ethical fashion choices.

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