Go Go Yoga for Kids

If you’ve got kiddos at home this book is especially for you! But Go Go Yoga for Kids: A Complete Guide to Yoga With Kids by Sara J. Weis is a great book for anyone – from educators to moms – who wants to introduce kids to yoga through mindful movement combined with fun games.

go go yoga for kids book cover

Here’s some high-praise from Teresa Power (founder of International Kids Yoga Day):

I found such a resource in Go Go Yoga Kids! This book is chalk full of great information to help yoga teachers, classroom teachers, youth leaders, counselors, parents, and any others learn how to implement yoga into the lives of children.

Go Go Yoga Activities

There are over 150 fun activities in the book: activities and challenges for kids of all ages.

Go Go Yoga for Kids is the perfect blueprint for someone looking to teach yoga to kids.

With a straightforward and easy-to-follow-along design it’s a must-have for all yoga friendly folks with kids.

You can grab a copy online here.

You might also want to consider introducing your kids to mindfulness practice which can help not just with yoga but with everything in life.

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