Going Off the Grid Is The How-To Of Happiness

Gary Collins recognizes that one of the deepest sources of unhappiness in modern times is the endless grind of work and city living. Collins argues that we’ve surrendered our independence for a false level of security, and he wants us to take our lives back.

You can find out more on his “life simplification” theories and techniques at his website, aptly called The Simple Life Now.

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Humans Living In Harmony With Nature

Gary’s mission is to teach all of us how to step out of our prisons and into the real world.

To embrace living in harmony with nature and to learn to care for ourselves and our families in a way that makes us feel satisfied and happy.

A Practical Guide To Going Off The Grid

Gary then goes on to offer a framework for our lives that moves us toward the objective of “living off the grid”.

The ultimate goal is to find a property where we can live without draining the planet’s resources and where we can reclaim our time to enjoy our lives and build meaning for ourselves.

gary collins

The book is full of great anecdotes on Gary’s experiences of walking the walk, he’s done the hard work so that you don’t have to.

If you want a better, simpler life, you have to check this out.

Going Off the Grid is your must-have handbook for living outside the city limits. If you like DIY guides, practical expert advice, and bucking societal expectations, then you’ll love Gary Collins’ roadmap to a liberating lifestyle.


You can check out Going Off the Grid: The How-To-Book of Simple Living and Happiness online. You can grab a copy here.