Good Good Good Is Great News For Humans

Do you remember in the late 2000s, the was a rush of sites like “Upworthy” which were dedicated to “positive news”? 

And then do you remember them turning into clickbait junk that wasn’t at all “positive”?

Well, Good Good Good is nothing like that, though they are dedicated to sharing good news too. 

About Good Good Good

Good Good Good’s mission is simple, they want to be more than a clean beauty influencer, a sustainable fashion ‘grammer or blogger, they want to ensure that each story they bring to the world is valuable in its own right.

Good Good Good

There are no clickbait headlines and no cat pics (or, at least, none that we could find) but instead a focus on news that as Marie Kondo might say, “sparks joy”. 

Why We Love Good Good Good

With stories that touch everything from animal activism (such as this piece on the return of the mountain gorilla) to saving lives on the Rainbow Railroad, they touch on things that are important to all of us.

mountain gorilla

Be it Covid-19, mental health, racial justice, environmental issues, they’ve got a positive story to tell about it and not “fluff”, real stories, backed by hard data that should cause all of us to feel hopeful about the world we live in.  

Final Thoughts On Good Good Good

Upworthy was a hit of saccharine sweetness that we all grew tired of when we realized there was no substance beneath the surface. 

Good Good Good is different and if they continue to do what they’re doing, they’ll be one of the Internet’s most essential resources in no time at all. 

You can find Good Good Good on FB here or check out their website here.

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