GoodGarms Is Slowing Down Fashion Online

One of the big challenges we have when shopping for clothes is finding truly ethical products from trustworthy sustainable brands.

That’s where GoodGarms comes in.

They encourage and guide you to opt for slow fashion choices and join the fashion revolution taking place around you. 

Discover Ethical Clothing

The core of GoodCarms’ offering is to provide you with transparent data on each and every item of clothing that they have for sale.

You get to find out how it is made (and to what standards), the impact that this process has and where the item is made and by whom and how they are paid for their efforts.

goodgarms black tee

So, this hoodie is made in Portugal, for example, it’s fairtrade and saves 3.83 Kg of CO2 compared to standard manufacturing practices and it complies with the GOTS standard

Read Honest Reviews

This idea is good but, sadly, on many products it’s not been used that much (as yet) – real purchasers are invited to rate each item for sizing, fit, quality, shrink and longevity. 

goodgarms long sleeve tee

This gives you an accurate idea of what you’re buying in terms of usability. 

We’d expect this to improve over time though and it’s a very cool idea. 

Final Thoughts On GoodGarms

Goodgarms is all about sustainable and ethical fashion.

It allows us to make informed decisions about the garments we buy which can only be a good thing, right?

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