10 Healthy Food Blogs to Follow in 2023

Healthy food blogs are an excellent resource for those looking to improve their eating habits and lead healthier lifestyles. We’ve put together a list below of our faves.

These blogs are typically run by food and wellness enthusiasts who offer a wealth of information on nutritious meal options, healthy cooking techniques, and lifestyle tips.

They often provide creative and delicious recipes that cater to different dietary requirements and preferences, from vegan and vegetarian to gluten-free and paleo. In addition to recipes, healthy food blogs also offer valuable insights into the benefits of different foods, such as their nutritional value, how they can aid in weight loss, and how they can improve overall health.

By following these blogs, individuals can gain the knowledge and inspiration they need to make informed decisions about their diet and improve their overall well-being.

Annemarie Rossi’s Real Food, Real Deals

Annemarie Rossi is our kind of blogger.

She knows that money is often tight when you have a family, but she also knows that eating healthily is important.

That’s why her blog Real Food, Real Deals focuses on how you can live well on a budget.

Her aim is to create recipes that are real, easy, affordable and packed with flavour. We think she succeeds on every level.

Check out her Sweet Potato Breakfast Hash and tell us that it’s not amazing!

Beth Moncels’s Budget Bytes

Beth has been a food blogger since 2009 and her site not only offers amazing recipes but you can also get a free app from her blog that helps you plan meals.

This is healthy eating on a budget.

Beth recognizes the financial constraints placed on so many of us and helps us to work within a tight budget to create meals the whole family will love.

She also supports the Feeding America charity and that makes her an all round good guy in our book.

We love her pepperoni stuffed baked potatoes and we’re sure you will too.

Toni Okamoto’s Plant Based On A Budget

The funny thing about a vegan diet is that it is often every bit as expensive as a meat based diet.

Fortunately, Toni Okamoto is on hand to teach you how to get the best plant based diet without breaking the bank.

She’s been blogging since 2012 and started her own vegan journey over 15 years ago. She started cooking to help her family come to terms with her meat free ways.

This mushroom vegan steak of Toni’s is superb!

Jules Clancy’s Stone Soup

There’s a clever premise behind Jules Clancy’s Stone Soup – it’s healthy eating meals with just 6 ingredients or less.

That makes them easy to shop for and easy to prepare, something that is truly essential in this hectic world.

Her blog offers you a chance to pick up a free e-cookbook packed with her recipes and we strongly recommend that you do.

We also suggest that your try her Fish with Lime & Miso butter which is incredibly tasty and it only takes 15 minutes to make, which makes it perfect at the end of a busy day.

Shannon Garcia’s Lone Star Nutrition

If you follow food blogs, you may know Shannon Garcia’s tagline; “KISS in the kitchen.”

This is, disappointingly, not an invitation to get frisky with your husband but rather an exhortation to “keep it simple, stupid”.

Shannon believes that healthy eating ought not to be intimidating and instead, preaches the ease of cooking great family meals.

She is also a qualified dietitian.

We love her healthy snacks recipes; she’s got a real flair for the exciting. Check out her spicy chocolate cherry snack bites and see.

Holley Grainger’s Cleverful Living

Holley Grainger is a qualified nutritionist and a passionate advocate for healthy, tasty food.

Her recipes are built not just to improve the quality of your diet but also portion sizes.

The biggest battle Americans face in their struggle to keep their weight under control is the fact that portions are huge nowadays.

Holley will help you get to the point where every meal is enough and not too much.

We absolutely adore her sweet and sour chicken rice bowls, they’re bursting with flavor and look great too!

Sally Kuzemchak’s Real Mom Nutrition

It will take us a while to learn to spell Sally’s surname confidently, but it took us no time at all to recognize her skills as a healthy food blogger.

She’s a qualified dietitian with a focus on prenatal nutrition, weight management and diabetes management and has been published in over a dozen titles!

Her blog is a place for parents to be understood, learn from her mistakes and create brilliant meals for their children.

Try her Dark Chocolate Raspberry Muesli! It’s great for a family breakfast and you’ll never stop going back for more!

Kacie Barnes’ Mama Knows Nutrition

What we love most about Kacie Barnes’ Mama Knows Nutrition blog is not the healthy recipes, though they’re amazing, but rather her dedication to answering all the questions parents might have about their child’s eating habits.

She’s not afraid to tackle the hard questions like, “why is my toddler refusing to eat?”

And she does it with compassion and wit.

So, if you have a young family – you’re going to love Kacie’s work.

They’re also going to love her Trail Mix Pita Pizza which is the perfect snack.

Hot Healthy Eating Bloggers: Cassidy Reeser’s Cozy Peach Kitchen

Cassidy’s all about encouraging healthy eating behaviors in a way that ensures they will fit into someone’s lifestyle in an enjoyable fashion.

That’s why there are plenty of recipes for cake and cookies alongside the typical kale salads and soups in her Cozy Peach Kitchen.

There’s a lot of vegetarian food in her work as she’s a vegetarian herself and it’s hard to argue the health benefits of a plant-based diet.

We encourage you to start with her Vegan Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies before you dive into the healthier stuff.

Julie Andrews’ The Gourmet RD

Julie is one of our all-time favorite food bloggers.

We love that she focuses on healthy eating but that’s not why she tops our lists.

The reason she’s up there with the best is because she regularly takes on classic American dishes and then reimagines them in a healthy fashion.

That means you don’t lose any of the tastes that you love but you do lose pounds while following her advice!

We were blown away by her chocolate overnight oat & raspberry chia pudding parfaits too. Check them out!