HFS Collective Is Minimalist Vegan Leather Craftsmanship

If you love handbags, you’re going to love HFS collective.

As you might expect for one of the brands that we love, HFS Collective is using vegan leather to create its stylish products (there are a ton of good reasons for this). 

The Joy Of Less

HFS is founded on the idea that we should all live in the moment and that it’s easier to do so with your hands free. 

Belts and bags are meant to help people experience life in a better way. 

convertible wallet in meadow

They’re all made in Los Angeles in a family run factory where everyone is paid a living wage and the workplace is guaranteed to be safe and healthy for the workers. 

Sustainable, Ethical Focus

All the materials that they use are ethically sourced and sustainable with an emphasis on kindness to the planet and to animals.  

When each product they make is developed these considerations are at the forefront of the designer’s mind. 

Our Favorite Products

If we had endless resources, we might end up losing our minimalist wardrobe and buying everything in sight on the HFS website but as is – we’re huge fans of this Half Moon Crossbody bag in a vegan suede.

half moon crossbody bag

And we’re in love with our Convertible Wallet with belt bag, it’s so luxurious!

Final Thoughts On HFS Collective

There’s really no excuse for people’s fashion to require the suffering of animals and HFS Collective is doing its part to ensure that there are amazing vegan alternatives to leather

Check out HFS Collective here.

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