Hippo7 Plant-Based Supplements Rock, According To Vegans

It can be a bit of a challenge to be a vegan at times.

That’s because when you follow a plant-based diet, you may not be able to find every nutrient that you need in your available food.

And that means, you may need to take supplements but there’s a problem.

Not all supplements are vegan and that’s where Hippo7 comes in.

Effective Vegan Supplements

The folks at Hippo7 are vegans themselves and after searching high and low for supplements that met their dietary needs, they realized there weren’t any. 

So, they started their own company producing supplements that are designed to help vegans get the nutrients they need.

hippo7 vegan complete

Each of their capsules contains 7 key nutrients in a manageable serving size that is 100% vegan!

Three Choices

The company offers three products (in various combinations) – the general vegan multivitamin, a vegan stress relief supplement called Zen Warrior and a support supplement called Immune Star

hippo7 immune star

We’ve tried all three at various points over the last few weeks and we can report that they really seem to work – we thought that Zen Warrior, in particular, was superb at helping to manage stress. 

We really like their subscription model too which means we never miss out on our nutrient needs being catered to. 

Final Thoughts On Hippo7

It’s always good when a company practices what it preaches and it’s why we love Hippo7.

When, as vegans, we look for products to support our lifestyle, we need to be sure that they are vegan and these supplements really deliver.

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