How Do I Start A Homestead With No Money?

Almost everyone agrees that homesteading is something that everyone should do, but how would you get started if you had no money? 

Well, if it makes you feel better, the original homesteaders would have had no money too, and thus, it’s possible to get started without cash, here’s what you need to know.

Our Tips On Starting A Homestead With No Money

Get Some Free Land

Get Some Free Land

Yes, that’s not a typo, in fact, we’ve already written a guide on how to get free land for your homestead.  

It’s relatively easy and yes, it’s really free. 

With your own land, even a small plot, you can grow your own food, healthy food too, start homesteading life and focus on becoming self-sufficient.

A family farm can bring in enough money to raise animals, start some homestead projects and even with a tight budget, you can plan ahead, fix things and find success.

Or Use The Land You’ve Already Got

You don’t have to move out of the city to start homesteading, in fact you can be a suburban homesteader easily enough – all you need is some yard space to get started. That’s a very easy way to save money as you pursue a self-sufficient lifestyle.

You definitely have enough money for this if you have a large garden.

Use The Things You Already Have

Use The Things You Already Have

The earliest pioneers didn’t have much in the way of local shops or money to spend in them, so they learned to homestead by never letting anything go to waste.

Not only is this kind to the planet, it’s super kind to your wallet.

When you use a pallet, it can be turned into fencing. A tree you chopped down to clear the land can be made into fence posts. The hay your chickens roost in? That’s compost. And so on…

The homesteading thing becomes easier when you don’t let your money situation get in the way. If, for example, you have a sewing machine, make things and sell them on Facebook Marketplace. Get creative and see the money start coming in.

Use The Things Other People Already Have

Get online and find free resources that people are throwing out or selling off super cheap – from Craigslist to Facebook, you can always find things that other people don’t want. 

Learn To Barter

Learn To Barter

You also need to learn to barter. Those chicken eggs that you have going spare? They’re just as good as money, find somebody who is willing to swap something for them and you both come out on top. 

Be Happy With What Works

We all want more in life, it’s the curse of a capitalist society – an endless longing for shiny new things, inculcated by advertisers everywhere. 

Yet, if you learn to be happy with what you have, you can spend more time doing important things and have more money for them.

It doesn’t matter if you cobbled your chicken coop together from bits of household waste, as long as it works, you’ve got chickens and you’ve got eggs – that’s what matters. 

Don’t spend any time gazingly wistfully into your neighbor’s garden wishing you could have the shiny shop bought coop, it’s a waste of your time and energy. 

Focus On What Matters

Focus On What Matters

Starting a homestead is a big challenge and there’s no doubt that a lot of people waste a lot of money trying to get this project underway.

This is ironic, because homesteading is about self-sufficiency not buying things. 

You can be completely frugal when building a homestead, just set yourself goals and then work out how to attain them.

Break down each project and look at what you really need to get it done while spending as little money as possible, you’ll be amazed at how easy this is. 

And the more you do this? The more you will learn to be creative in the future, a talent that most homesteaders will envy in the long run. 

Sell Your Produce

Can homesteading be profitable? Why, yes, yes it can. In fact, once you’ve started to grow crops or raise chickens or bees, it can be very profitable. 

Homesteading won’t make most of us rich but it can make most of us self-reliant and once you’re producing goods, you can sell them to raise money for the other things on your homestead. 

Local farmers markets and even online markets for crafts, etc. can quickly become a nice source of additional income. 

Learn To Preserve Food

Learn To Preserve Food

If you can make the food that you grow last longer, you will spend less money on food in stores and this, in turn, puts more cash in your pocket to spend on other projects. 

Canning, freezing, drying etc. can all be done easily and cheaply. In fact, as long as canning jars are properly sterilized you can reuse the jars you already have for this. Saving money is easy and every bit counts.

Final Thoughts On Homesteading With No Money

This is America and if there’s one thing this nation excels at it’s making you think you need to spend money on your activities. Yet, you can have a family farm and an amazing homesteading journey without buckets of dollar bills.

You can easily start homesteading with no money as long as you follow our tips above, you can even get the land you use for free, so there really should be nothing stopping you, right? 

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