How Long Do Farm Fresh Eggs Last? Longer Than Breakfast

Fresh eggs are tasty and they’re good for us but how long do farm fresh eggs last? A freshly laid egg has, as you might expect, a much longer shelf life than store-bought eggs do.

If you don’t have your own chicken coop plans and you’re not drinking vegan egg mixes then the best source of eggs is your local farm and yes, we even know some vegetarians that eat eggs.

This way you know that they’re fresh eggs and can see the conditions that the chickens live in.

But how long can you keep those tasty eggs once they arrive in your home and should they live in the refrigerator?

The Lifespan Of Eggs 

Fresh unwashed eggs are quite a bit hardier than many people have been led to believe. 

You don’t have to refrigerate fresh eggs. Nor do you need to wash fresh eggs.

In fact, they will keep for up to two weeks when you store fresh eggs on the side without being put in the refrigerator! Room temperature eggs are great and their shelf life is quite reasonable.

farm fresh eggs

And if you like to refrigerate freshly laid eggs, then you can expect your nice new eggs to last up to 2 months!

However, if you want to ensure your eggs last – don’t wash them, this dramatically decreases the quality of the egg. When storing fresh eggs the golden rule is to store them as unwashed fresh eggs and wash them before you eat them.

They last as long but they taste far less fresh, if you refrigerate washed eggs, when compared to unwashed eggs.

You can, of course, remove any dirt with a paper towel before storing eggs – this ensures that any poop, etc. is gone and isn’t contaminating the egg. There’s no need for dirty eggs.  

You should know that industrially produced chicken eggs (store eggs) can be stored for up to six months before hitting the shelves. They tend not to taste fresh because of this.

Final Thoughts On Farm Fresh Eggs

How long do fresh eggs last? It depends on how you store them. 

It’s worth noting that you’re not eliminating salmonella by refrigerating or not refrigerating – it’s either there or it’s not – make sure you cook the eggs properly to get rid of any bacteria.

You can check to see if your eggs are fresh by floating them in a glass of water, as long as some part of the egg touches the bottom of the water – it’s fine to eat. 

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