How To Create Your Own Candle Ritual

Rituals can be very useful for helping you to show gratitude, mediate properly, grieve fully, and much more.

Candles make an excellent centerpiece for rituals, particularly those that you fully incorporate into your regular routines.

So, this is how you plan and practice your very own candle ritual. 

Candle Ritual Equipment List

Before you start setting up a ritual, it’s good to have the things that you will need to hand.

We’d recommend that you have:

  • A candle (or candles) – did you know it’s beneficial to burn candles? You can also make your own from a kit if you don’t have any handy. We’ve got some great reasons everyone should make their own candles
  • Something to light the candle(s) with such as a lighter or box of matches
  • An area that is “fire-safe” – this could be anything from a fireplace to a wind-sheltered patio
  • Pieces of paper (they don’t need to be large, tear a sheet of printer paper into quarters and that will be enough)
  • Something to write with
  • Some sage (or palo santo) though if you can’t get these, they’re not essential
  • Some music, again this isn’t essential but can help to create a mood

The Four Parts Of A Candle Ritual

Spiritual Cleansing

buddha with candles
  1. You want to choose a place that you can practice without interruption and also where it’s going to be OK if you burn a few pieces of paper
  2. Get yourself seated comfortably (either in a chair or on the floor)
  3. If you have some sage or palo santo, it’s a good idea to burn it help set the ritual area up
  4. Now, light your candle or candles
  5. Draw in a deep breath
  6. Focus on the candle, you’re looking to allow the light to grow and fill all the space in yoru vision, draw the light into you as you breathe in
  7. Exhale slowly
  8. Close your eyes
  9. Visualize a halo of white light around yourself
  10. Then ask your guardian angel (or the universe or your spirit guide, etc.) to accompany you (note: this is optional, if you don’t believe in these things, you don’t have to do it)

Decide What Your Ceremony Will Achieve

  1. Keep your eyes closed, take some deep, slow breaths
  2. Pay attention to your ceremony, what is it that you want to achieve? To release grief, anger or pain? To call love, kindness, compassion or gratitude? 
  3. Focus on that intention and fix it in your head.
  4. Take a few more deep, slow breaths and then open your eyes.

The Ceremony

  1. Write what you want to achieve on a piece of paper (use more than one, if there’s more than one thing to be achieved)
  2. Read each piece of paper out loud and then burn it (in the candle flame or using your lighter)
  3. Repeat for each piece of paper

Ending The Ceremony

holding a candle
  1. Take some deep, slow breaths
  2. Think about your feelings 
  3. Thank yourself for your participation in this ritual
  4. Thank any guides that you entreated to accompany you
  5. Blow out the candle
  6. Consider journaling about the experience to help cement your feelings

Final Thoughts On How To Create Your Own Candle Ritual

Creating your own candle ritual is very easy to do. 

We’ve found that incorporating a ritual into your daily or weekly routine can really help you focus on the things that matter in life and help you to resolve any problems that you may have.