How To Find Inner Peace, According To Our Editors

25% of Americans say they experience anger “all the time”, 50% of Americans find life too stressful and 19 million Americans are currently suffering from depression!

That means we could all benefit from a little inner peace and that’s why we put together this simple guide on how to find inner peace. 

6 Simple Ways To Find Inner Peace

Finding inner peace doesn’t need to be complicated.  We’ve got proven tips for helping you find your inner calm without spending a fortune on therapy. 


Accept Things As They Are

Many of us spend our lives worrying about things that we cannot control. 

You don’t make the weather. 

So, when it rains, accept it and acknowledge it and then move on. 

Focus on the things that you can control, instead.

Learn And Practice Not Judging

Human beings are very good at judging others but, often, it’s of no benefit to us and, in fact, it creates stress in our relationships.

It really doesn’t matter how other people dress, or what they eat, or where they go on vacation, and the less time you spend judging these things, the more time you can spend on more important matters. 

Hippies are awesome at this, you can learn how to be a hippie on this site too!

Focus On Your Breathing

There’s a wealth of research that shows that breathing properly can keep us centered and happy. 


Learn to breathe, focus on each breath and ensure that you inhale deeply, exhale slowly and, ideally, through your nose. 

We like to burn a little essential oil sometimes when we’re doing our breathing exercises to get the therapeutic benefits of the oil too. 

Visualize A Happy Place

We like to use one of our favorite light therapy lamps to aid this exercise as we think every happy place is a sunny one. 

Light therapy lamps simulate the effects of sunlight and then you can visualize the place that makes you feel centered and calm. 

Practice Self-Compassion

People are often their own worst enemies, full of self-criticism and rage at their mistakes and problems. 


This is not going to lead to inner peace. 

Instead practice self-compassion, forgive yourself, as you would forgive others, when things go wrong, realize that you’re only human and that it’s OK not to be perfect. 

Practice Gratitude

There’s a body of research that suggests that if we take time each day to be grateful for the good things we have, even in times of adversity, that we will be happier and more content with our lives.

Take ten minutes out of each day to appreciate the good things that you have and the good about yourself and the people around you too. 

Final Thoughts

You can find your inner peace without as much effort as you might expect. 

These simple practices can help anyone feel calmer, appreciate life more and enjoy the day-to-day beauty of life. 

Why not start using them today?