How To Live In A Van And Travel

Have you ever wanted to just pack your bags, throw them in a van and hit the open road?

To see the world without the constraints of having to come home each night. To have adventures that make you glad to be alive?

If so, then you need to read Mike Hudson’s How To Live In A Van And Travel. Highly recommended!

Why Travel In A Van?

how to live in a van and travel book review

One of the best reason to travel in a van is the low-cost aspect of things. It's pretty economical if you know what you're doing.

You’re not going to have to spend a fortune on hotel rooms, motels and hostels every night when you can sleep in the van and stay warm, dry and comfortable.

The trouble is that if you don’t know how to do this in a comfortable fashion, it can be quite a miserable experience.

This is why you need Mike’s knowledge because he shows you, through his own hard won understanding, how to turn a van into a home on wheels.

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Very Relatable

Because Mike has been there and done everything he walks you through in the book, it’s very easy to relate to his struggles and triumphs and even if you don’t decide to travel in a van, there’s a lot to learn about living a simpler life that we can all benefit from.

We found How To Live In A Van And Travel to be one of the most practical and useful books that we’ve read this year and we heartily enjoyed it, we think that you will too.

You can find How to Live In A Van and Travel online.

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