How To Make a Braided Rug

We love recycling and repurposing things that we’ve used up to make something cool and new!

So, we thought we’d share this cool guide on how to make a braided rug.

It’s the ideal way to use up old fabric that you no longer need and it’s a great project to carry out on your own or with your kids as helpers!

A Step-By-Step Guide

Before you begin you will need some basic supplies to work with (you will probably have most of this stuff laying around already):

  • Strips of fabric. They want to be quite long – ripped up sheets or curtain material is easier to work with than sewing bits of t-shirts together to get them long enough.
  • Sewing scissors.
  • A standard ruler.
  • Some safety pins.
  • Some needles and some thread (in a color that won’t stand out on the fabric you’re using – unless you want it to). 

Note: If you don’t have any fabric handy to make your rug from, you can always hit up fabric stores. They usually have “end of roll” scraps available which are very cheap to buy and often in some really attractive colors. 

Do A Little Planning

It’s your rug not ours. 

That means you need to think about how you’re going to use the rug before you make it.

braided oval rug

You should give some consideration to the color you want (you can always dye light fabrics darker if you want to). 

You should also consider the size and the shape of the rug – rectangles are great for the kitchen, perhaps, but ovals might look nicer on a bedroom floor. 

Step 1

Grab those scissors and then cut the fabric into strips. 

They should be as long as possible and, ideally, of roughly the same length and width – small deviations don’t matter too much though. 

You can mark the fabric out to make this easier using your ruler and making notches at one inch intervals. 

Once you’ve got a small mountain of strips, you want to separate them into three piles and then roll them into balls. 

Step 2

You want an end of a piece from each of your three fabric balls, you then place them in an overlapping position and sew them together. 

Grab the safety pins and pin the edge you’ve sewn to something that helps you keep it steady while you work. 

Now, braid your strips together. 

If you’re going to make an oval rug – you want one long continuous braid that goes on and on so you can coil it around. 

making a braided rug

If you intend to make a rectangle rug – make a load of braids, each one of the same length, you’ll then sew them together. 

Step 3 Of Making A Braided Rug

Now, all that’s left is the sewing. 

For oval rugs, you’re going to coil up the braided material so that it looks like the shell of a snail.

Then you pin it, coil and pin, and repeat until you’re in position to sew all the coils together.

For rectangular rugs – just sew the strips together. 

And that’s it! You have a braided rug!

Final Thoughts On Making Braided Rugs

We hope that you enjoyed learning how to make a braided rug, it was easy, wasn’t it?

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