How To Protect Mother Earth Gaia With 52 Actionable Strategies

how to protect gaia

Gaia Theory was proposed by James Lovelock and is now, near universally, accepted by the scientific community. It simply says that we should treat the planet as a single, living organism and think about how our actions might have an impact on that organism.

As you probably already know, climate change is manmade, the plastic contamination of the planet is manmade and we must do better if we are to form a better world. With that in mind, we’ve got 52 actions that you can carry out to protect and honor Mother Earth.

Most of these are not major life changes. They’re the kind of thing that often takes just a few minutes to implement but all of them will help make the planet a nicer place to live on and maybe, even ensure that it’s still there for your grandchildren to enjoy too.

And if you made one of these changes, each week for a year? You will be making a substantial contribution to a better world.

Switch To Natural Body Wash

switch to natural body wash

While it may be true that scientists don’t believe that soap is one of the major pollutants of the planet, it’s still a pollutant.

We think it’s important as a family to not use chemicals in the the bathroom so we actually make our own natural, organic body wash.

By changing to a body wash that’s all natural, you ensure that your soap breaks down easily. Then it doesn’t harm the land and water around you.

Make Your Own Candles

There are some absolute horror stories about cheap store bought candles containing lead.

Yes, candles that could damage the mental health of you and your family.

But when you make your own?

You’re not polluting your home or or the environment because you know what goes in them and it’s super fun to do. 

Formulate Your Own Shampoo

Natural soap products are awesome but what if you’re allergic to them?

What if there are certain ingredients you must avoid for ethical reasons?

Well, then the trick is to get an all-natural shampoo which is made to order.

And surprisingly, this doesn’t need to cost a fortune either. 

Become An Organic Farmer

Well, you’re probably not going to become a farmer but you could certainly use organic farming techniques on your vegetable patch and if you don’t have a vegetable patch?

Now’s the best time to start one.

The world’s a scary place and growing your own food makes it much easier to handle a catastrophe.

Save Money On Groceries

Yes, we know, they told you it was expensive to be an environmentalist.

But you know what? It doesn’t have to be!

By eliminating waste, you can save money and be certain that you’re doing your bit for the planet.

In fact, there are over twenty strategies that can put cash in your pocket without having to make any sacrifices in your life at all! 

Start A Capsule Wardrobe

Did you know that the vast majority of Americans wish that they could spend less money on their wardrobe?

Well, it’s super easy to do just that and still look amazing on every single occasion.

The secret is to start a capsule wardrobe.

And when you do, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without one. 

Join A Tiny House Community

OK, moving into a tiny home might be a big ask for some of you but you really should consider it.

One of the best ways to learn about tiny living is to join a tiny house community.

Get help and support from those who already live the life you want to lead. 

Start Giving Green

We know, you’ve got a big heart, the average American gives over $700 a year to good causes.

But you should always make sure that you give to sustainable charities if you want your money to do the most good.

Ditch Balloons

There’s no such thing as a biodegradable balloon, sadly.

That’s why everyone should ditch balloons and opt for other party favors.

Get An eBike

Electric bikes are the perfect compromise between green and efficient.

They’re ideal for commuting on and they will help you save money on gas too! 

Take A Free Sustainable Fashion Course

There’s nothing like an education and the best education doesn’t even have to cost money.

Learn about sustainable fashion for free and make better wardrobe choices. 

Get A Vegan Meal Subscription Box

If you’re finding going plant-based a challenge then make it easier on yourself.

Use a meal and snack prep service that means you can eat healthy every day without spending hours in the kitchen. 

Learn To Re-Use Old Socks

We all have a drawer in our home full of odd and old socks (there’s even an Odd Socks Day) that we’ll never use.

Don’t throw those socks away, learn to give them a new lease of life, instead. 

Follow A Zero-Waste Instagrammer

If you want to cut down on the waste you create in daily life, then get some free and easy to follow advice to do so.

Follow a Zero-Waste Instagrammer today. 

Recycle Your Car

OK, this probably only applies if you intend to get rid of a car.

We’re not suggesting you should throw out your brand new Toyota Yaris.

But if you do get rid of a car this year, please recycle it.

Make Some Money From Homesteading

No joke.

Homesteading doesn’t just have to be about getting fresh carrots and eggs while being kinder to the Earth, you can also turn your hobby into $$$.

Who wouldn’t want that? 

Get Into No Dig Gardening

No Dig Gardening is all about ensuring that the microorganisms and nutrients in your soil are cared for without ever turning over the soil and messing with the natural order. 


Listen To A Sustainable Fashion Podcast

This is free and you can do it at any time that’s convenient, even when driving your car or answering the call of nature.

Learn more about how to make your wardrobe kinder with a sustainable fashion podcast. 

Opt For A Natural Self-Tanner

Self-tanning agents can be terrible for the planet and for your health but there are now all-natural versions of these products which are just fine for you and awesome for the planet.

Make the switch today!

Make Some Moonshine

Well, we have to stress, you should make some moonshine as long as it’s legal in your neck of the woods, we don’t want you to go to jail.

However, if you do, making your own alcohol is much better than drinking mass produced garbage.

Learn To Forage

You don’t have to spend money to improve your diet or to enjoy a wider range of foods.

Nature is generous and much of what she provides is completely free.

If you learn to forage, you can take advantage of this bounty! 

Install A Composting Toilet

Seriously, you don’t have to live off-grid to turn your waste into something useful for your garden. There’s now a huge range of composting toilets out there to choose from. They also use much less water than a regular toilet does. 

Start Keeping Bees

We love bees. They make tasty honey and they’re so good for the garden. The good news is that they are also super easy to keep and you can get a beekeeping starter kit which has everything you need to make your garden a bee-friendly zone!

Learn To Sew

In previous generations, nothing ever got thrown away, if it was worn down or torn?

It got fixed or repurposed into something new. Turning old clothes into wearable clothes is an art form.

All you need is a sewing machine and you can learn this art easily.

Get Some Free Land

No, we’re not joking. If you know where to look, this glorious country of ours will give you free land to start your own homestead on!

There’s nothing better than starting your self-sufficient journey without taking on debt, right?

Always avoid debt where you can. 

Check Out A Zero Waste Podcast

Need more tips to cut down on waste? Then listen to a zero waste podcast.

Some of these podcasters are so good that their household waste for a year (or more) now fits in a single large mason jar!

There’s something for everybody to learn. 

Switch To Vegan Handbags

Your handbag, as all women know, is an extension of your home and personal domain.

So, shouldn’t it be as kind to the planet and to the creatures on the planet as you are?

Going vegan doesn’t mean compromising on quality or style either. 

Start Using Online Thrift Stores

Whenever you buy something that has been pre-owned or pre-loved, you’re making the world a better place because there is no additional pollution created by manufacturers.

You’re also saving money.

We love online thrift store shopping because it brings you huge amounts of choice and value while you save the planet.

Install A Sustainable Fashion App

Want to make sure that your fashion choices aren’t killing the Earth?

Then install a (free) sustainable fashion app and check out your purchases before you buy.

Reduce landfill content and cut carbon emissions with next to no effort!

Ditch Your Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is not kind to the world. It fills our sewage systems, ruins water courses and is not even all that hygienic.

Why not switch to a greener toilet paper alternative? You’ll be just as clean and the planet will be cleaner! 

Go Minimalist

Minimal living is the art of cutting down what you buy and consume to the minimum needed to create a happy life.

This saves money and frees up your time to do things that really matter.

We almost all prefer experiences over possessions when all is said and done.

So go minimalist! It’s easy when you know how.

Take A Free Beekeeping Course

Yes! You can learn everything anyone needs to know about becoming a beekeeper for free!

In fact, you can even get a beekeeping license with awesome online learning experiences that won’t set you back a penny!

Bees rock.

Get Free Mushrooms

Mushrooms grow everywhere and thousands of mushroom species are good eating.

Before you go picking them, however, you need to know that a couple of hundred mushroom species are toxic.

Like deadly!

Once you know the difference, you can get free mushrooms every day!

Use Vegan Foundation

Every woman uses foundation if she uses makeup at all.

Your foundation doesn’t need to harm animals to be awesome!

There are plenty of great vegan foundation brands out there that will look great without being cruel. 

Read A Gaia Theory Book

If you really want to do the Earth a solid, you’re going to need to understand how all of our actions have consequences and how we can make those consequences good for the planet.

Check out one of the best books on Gaia Theory this week and read it. 

Compost At Home

There’s nothing easier in this world than learning how to compost and even if you have a tiny home, you can compost your kitchen and garden waste.

This makes it easier to grow food and reduces what’s sent to landfills. 

Tune Into A Homestead Blog

We love homesteading. But it’s kind of hard to get a grasp of when you get started.

But fortunately, there are a bunch of bloggers out there providing free advice based on their own real world experiences.

It doesn’t get better than that in our book (or blog).

Build A Chicken Coop

Assuming you’re not 100% vegan, yet, you probably eat eggs (eggs are good for you).

The best eggs are from chickens you raise yourself.

And it’s super easy and cheap to build a chicken coop.

You can even get free plans for one!

Consider A Prefab Cabin

Do you want to live in a cabin in the woods?

But you don’t know how to build that getaway to be in harmony with nature?

Then go prefab.

This is your chance to live in peace with your environment without learning to build houses. 

Follow A Clean Beauty Influencer

No, we don’t mean “become a stalker”. We mean get on Instagram and click “Follow” which is much easier and means you can spend more time enjoying their beauty tips and less time in jail. 😉 

Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep and our health and mental wellbeing are inextricably linked. Yet, more than ⅓ of us doesn’t get enough sleep. The easiest way to rectify this is with a natural melatonin supplement, then, you will sleep like a baby.

Use A Natural Sunscreen

If you’re going to the beach, you don’t need to use a spray full of toxic and unpleasant chemicals to protect yourself from skin cancer. You can just use a natural sunscreen, instead, all the benefits of sunscreen with none of the drawbacks. 

Change To Vegan Underwear

Yeah, vegan underwear. It’s kind to your nether regions and to the world around you and no animals need to suffer to make it. Who wants to think of puppies being tortured around their private parts? Nobody, right? It’s also better for your body. 

Read A Book On Minimalism

If you got started on the minimal lifestyle thanks to one of our earlier tips, now’s the time to pick up the pace. And if you didn’t get started then? Now’s your chance. Read one of the best books on minimalism and put the tips into action.

Make A Homemade Facial Mask

You’re going to love how good it feels to make a homemade facial mask from all natural ingredients and how much money you save on buying their factory produced equivalents! This is green that’s good for the soul! 

Opt For An Amazon Alternative

Amazon is convenient but it’s terrible for the planet and for our communities and culture too. Fortunately, there are loads of kinder alternatives out there that can help you keep the convenience without the unacceptable costs. We love shopping and this makes us feel better about shopping! 

Choose A Vegan Deodorant Brand

Again, we don’t feel like you have to spray deodorant in a rabbit’s eyes for us to smell good. In 202X, there’s just no reason for us to keep testing products on animals when we have firmly established what works and what smells good, already. You can choose a deodorant that keeps you feeling fresh all day and be kind to the animals we share the planet with, you don’t even have to stop eating steak to do this. 

Rent Some Clothes

Want to be less taxing on the planet? Rent clothes for special occasions, don’t buy them. You don’t need to pay for a dress that you only intend to wear once. You can look amazing and still save money and the Earth.

Check Out Our Sustainable Brand Directory

Want to buy things that are better for the planet but not sure where to start? Well, we’ve built a sustainable fashion brand directory that has everything you need to know to get started. Slow fashion has never been so easy! 

Opt For Vegan Shoes

Yes, we know. There was a time when leather was the only decent material for shoes and everything else was plastic and began to stink after wearing it for a week. This is no longer the case. Vegan shoes are kind to your feet, don’t smell and look amazing. You have no excuse for not making the leap. And leather sucks for everyone. 

Try A Clean Beauty Podcast

Clean and green are not quite the same thing. Many green products still contain ingredients that might be harmful to your health! Yes, it’s true – sometimes, we’re so focused on the environment that we forget to focus on ourselves. Clean Beauty aims to help address this problem and you can learn more, for free, by listening to a clean beauty podcast. They’re also very entertaining!

Use Buy Me Once

We believe that everything you buy that’s not a consumable, should be built to last. The longer something lasts, the less you have to replace it. The smaller the environmental cost of your life. Easy, right? And Buy Me Once, the website, makes that super easy to do. 

Final Words

So, there you have it. 52 changes you can make in your life to make the planet a better place and most of them are not exactly hardcore are they? 

So, why not resolve to get started today and if you do? 

Please, let us know how it’s going and what kind of impact you feel you’re having.

We’d love to hear about it. 

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